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What is Fresh Catch?

Welcome to Fresh Catch Poke Co. 

Sustainable, local, eco-conscious, fresh and superior quality are five adjectives both our staff take pride in and our customers know to be true. We’re Fresh Catch Poke, Co., the very first poke (pronounced: po-kay) restaurant in the Western New York region and we’re extremely proud of it. We’re excited to share our love of healthy food coupled with knowing how to respect our environment with you in a tasty and unique way.

Welcome to Fresh Catch.

One of the main reasons the founder, Mike Tobin, fell in love with poke bowls was that the textures and flavors were so exciting and diverse when compared to a standard sushi roll. Some people are timid to try sushi due to a fear of raw fish, or the texture. A poke bowl takes fresh fish that is flown in daily, and then combines it with rice (or other base options), and a wide selection of over 20 other ingredients and then topped with a sauce. ALL of this creates the magical blend of flavor, textures and most importantly a healthy meal.

 In addition to fresh, never frozen fish, we also serve cooked shrimp, cooked anti-biotic free chicken as well as 100% vegan options. That means, we can almost guarantee that there is something for you on our menu!

Not only do we suit all taste buds and dietary preferences, but we only serve the highest quality, freshest foods, sourced from sustainable, eco-friendly partners. In fact, we only work with fish suppliers who are Seafood Watch Program partners, the industry-leading sustainable seafood initiative developed by the world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium.

High quality, fresh and healthy is the definition of our poke. It’s also known as a nutrition rock star for many reasons—fresh (never frozen) ingredients with key nutrients, lots of omega-3 fatty acids from the seafood, complex carbohydrates from the toppings and rice base that are sure to hold you over throughout your day, and of course, all of it is fully customizable to your diet and taste buds.

Since our bowls are fully customizable, it means that if you are trying to cut down on carbs one day, we can work with you. Ask for salad greens as your base, cauliflower rice or half chlorophyll-infused rice (also known as bamboo rice) and half of your favorite veggie. Looking for a low fat meal? All of our 8 made-from-scratch sauces are under 18 grams of fat, and its very easy to include the sauce on the side. Did you have an intense workout today and need that extra protein? Add another scoop of protein to your bowl for just $3.50, and why not try two different types? The options are endless.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our menu and get ready for flavor overhaul. Your taste buds will thank you.